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  • PPT produces high quality Masterbatch additives for several industrial applications such as Injection, Film, Extrusion and Blow, molding with a Monthly capacity of 120 tons.

  • White Masterbatch: We in PPT are specialized in manufacturing of white Masterbatch with different TiO2 concentrations that can optimize the material whiteness and its thermal stability. As per client requirement with a pigment range between 10% to 60%

  • Black Masterbatch: Our Carbon Black concentrate consists of different ranges of pigment concentration. PPT Black Masterbatch can be used with different types of polymer systems LLDPE, LDPE. HDPE AND HIPS.

  • Bluish White Masterbatch: PPT covers one of the most familiar colors in the markets today which is bluish white Masterbatch. PPT manufactures the Bluish white Masterbatch with high quality pigments that work with various applications in the industry

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