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About Us

Polymer Plus Technologies


Based in DAMMAM Saudi Arabia with a worldwide outlook. We make a difference… as reliable supplier of raw materials to the Rotational Molding and Master Batch industries PPT has the knowhow and production capabilities to customers’ wide range requirements of different compounded powder suitable for the Rotational Molding and Master Batch applications Our aim is to serve the industry and be distinguished in the markets place.


Get to Know what Makes our product special  OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE IN: HEAT STABILITY, LIGHT FASTNESS, CONSISTENT COLOR DISPERSSION. Our product has excellent balance between processability and physical properties. Based on customer’s application and requirement , high creep resistance, high flow and superior stabilization package can be provided.


Quality Standards - Consistency is paramount

Our consistency comes from the use of the same raw materials sourcing, (SABIC), is a leading petrochemical producer in Saudi Arabia reputable for its consistent quality and reliability of supply. In addition to our formulation and production knowhow we have access their vast technical knowledge and manufacturing excellence.

◦ Our company’s core activity is in the manufacture of color compounded polymer which is mainly in the form of powder.

◦ Our finished products are widely used in the rotational molding industry as well as being the form of raw materials for masterbatch manufacturers across the globe.

◦ Our manufacturing facility is situated strategically in the 2nd Industrial City, Dammam - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with easy access to the Dammam port.

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